5 ways to make you successful feed vinegar to slim down

You want to thin body? Do you like jealous? In fact drink vinegar can thin body oh, five kinds of food by vinegar, make you thin constantly. Come and see what food is a small make up vinegar it.

Vinegar know more some

Rich in amino acids in the vinegar can make human body fat metabolism is the body's the stored too much fat into fitness and consume, also can promote the carbohydrate intake and protein metabolism, improve the metabolism of the body fat, drain too much "fat", thus plays good thin body effect reducing weight.

Vinegar have vinegar and configuration of vinegar points. Vinegar to food, sugar or wine as raw material, through the microorganism fermentation and precipitate, nutrients have amino acids, sugar, organic acids, vitamins, inorganic salt and alcohol, etc, to human body metabolism to have the very big profit. That makes the vinegar to the chemical synthesis of glacial acetic acid as raw material to add water dilute and become, no other nutrients, because use the preparation of vinegar, harmful to human body.

So as we understand the value of the vinegar, will introduce to the thin body of the prepared vinegar cure square:

1, soybean vinegar party

Ingredients: 250 g soya beans, sweet vinegar 500 grams.

Practice: will wash clean soya beans, put in the pot to simmer and stir-fry until cooked sweet, wait for after cooling in bottle inside, into a sweet vinegar for 10 days, can take.

The boiling: 2 times a day, and a day with quantity to eat. Even served three months. And cooperate on a diet, has the good thin body effect.

Efficacy: thin body fall fat, suppressing product buck.

Suitable for: obesity, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, etc.

2, peanut vinegar party

Ingredients: 300 g peanut, sweet vinegar 500 grams.

Practice: will peanuts washed, dried, into the bottle inside, into a sweet vinegar seal, immerse 8 ~ 10 days, can be eaten.

The boiling: once a day, each time breakfast food on an empty stomach peanut 10 ~ 15 grain, even served three months.

Efficacy: the blood fat, remove fat, reduce weight.

Suitable for: obesity, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, etc.

3, ice sweet and sour party

Ingredients: 150 g rock sugar, and 250 g sugar.

Practice: will rock sugar dolly, put in the bottle, soak until melted into balsamic vinegar, can take.

The boiling: three times a day, every time (after dinner) take 10 ml.

Efficacy: lose weight thin body, blood pressure feed.

Suitable for: obesity, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure.

4, egg vinegar to lose weight party

Ingredients: eggs 1, sweet vinegar leaching egg and 500 grams.

Practice: will wash eggs, the whole into the big bottle, sweet vinegar dip into egg seal, for 30 to 35 days, to shell out altogether, only keep a thin skin, use clean chopsticks crush, mix well mixed, and can be eaten.

The boiling: once a day, each time one cup vinegar egg-juice and a cup of LiangKaiShui mixed after treatment.

Efficacy: lose weight thin body, remove skin spot.

Suitable for: obesity, facial shading.

5, sweet potato vinegar party

Ingredients: 500 g sweet, sweet vinegar 80 grams.

Practice: will sweet potato to wash, cut into hob piece, into a pot, add a little clear boiled to eighty percent it into a sweet vinegar has been in cook till ripe soft, can be eaten.

The boiling: every 1 agent, points 2 ~ 3 times to eat.

Efficacy: thin body aperient, diuresis detumescence. The human body can maintain the elasticity of the arteries, prevent cardiovascular fat deposition and the occurrence of atherosclerosis, reducing subcutaneous fat, to human body has the good and strong and handsome effect.

Suitable for: simple obesity, acute or chronic nephritis caused by the edema.
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