Meridian Rapid thin thin leg exercise

Simple weight-loss exercise, easy stovepipe. Start now! Simple massage technique to help you do it! The early learners for a simple and effective weight-loss exercise, enough to stimulate the body meridians, weight-loss effect. Obesity is not related to the type and location, not related to age, gender, whether there will be a good effect on everyone.

In fact, most courses in the light of this practice of female friends have received a very good weight-loss results. This includes the practice of yoga and Dharma luck, ecology, medicine, and Eastern and Western theories and practical results. Learning go learning, let us have a simple understanding of it now.

[The so-called KHECOLS movement is?]

This is a K (Ki, Qi) + H (Heaven, heaven) + ECOL (Ecolgy, ecology) + S (Somatic, physical) which consists of the abbreviated words. Gas is the energy of all life can be extended, and KHECOLS movement's ultimate goal is that the body's natural gas and the gas completely fused together. The specific method is breathing and eating, there is to do something to stimulate blood circulation and meridian of the movement.

To gently stimulate the body meridian as a starting point, the final gymnastics with a positive end to promote blood circulation to the entire movement.

[Principles, characteristics and effects] [must pay attention to]

[Five KHECOLS movement]

Now we will enter into the actual practice of the parts. Original content is divided into more sections, but only the five ordinary people can get very good results. Peace of mind in the quiet atmosphere and start practicing it! Just continue to practice every day, the body will feel comfortable at first, fatigue Dunxiao, and the weight will gradually begin to decrease.

The first (with 12 fingers and elbow massage meridian)

The so-called meridian is?

Meridian is the pathway of human blood to run, and closely linked with the internal organs. Therefore, the role of the internal organs can stimulate the meridians, and meridians become entry points for treatment of disease.

Using the thumb and elbow followed by 12 meridians to stimulate and massage. Massage every part of every 3 to 5 seconds of time, and press 3 times. When pressed by the fingers and massage the site to a 90 degree angle.

Small parts of the muscle or difficult to use the site to meet the elbow with your fingers to massage the muscles in his hands a large part of the elbow and rely on upper body weight to press. Order is from head to foot in turn.

Order and each massage is as follows. At first, they might feel a bit complicated, but at first it is easy to do and happily do so. Meanwhile, the body will feel very comfortable.

[Ribs] 1. Use both thumbs deep between the ribs at the place and the direction to the middle from both sides of the massage.

Like a big bowl of ribs wrapped like internal organs. Therefore, not only ease the tension ribs can indirectly eliminate the fatigue state organs, and can promote blood circulation and help rid their bodies of waste. The pressure will ease a lot.

2. Underarm massage the same way between the ribs to the pelvis for each site. There may be severe pain, or shivering phenomenon, but we must insist on doing this until the symptoms disappeared.


Breathe naturally, while his hands overlay, and then drew a circle clockwise direction according to the friction of the abdominal muscles around the navel. In principle, be repeated 36 times to cook, at least 8 times to do more, and until the friction from the heat before they stop.

[Back] after his hands on the back, up and down the spine on both sides of the friction force.

Ease the tension waist, enhance renal function.


1. Right leg bent knee and to the ground, left leg bent naturally. The right elbow into the pelvic bone and joint and connected to the thigh. Gently grip the right hand punch, left hand holding his right hand to press down hard to make it subject to strong stimulation. If the upper body back and forth while pressing, it will make the press because of the weight of the upper body more pronounced effect.

2. Down to the shin area, massage the inside of the tibia. Using both thumbs massage the inside of the tibia. Massage the same way down to the arch department.

3. Reversal right leg, massage the outer thigh muscles. Using the lower half of his right arm, from the pelvis to the knee Tuirou. Lateral thigh muscles are developed, so the upper body before and after the Tuirou gently swing, the effect will be even more significant. Posted less than if the arm thigh, you can use both hands to Tuirou thumb.

4. The knee lift, and massage the back of the thigh muscle tangles. Massage with four fingers from the pelvis to the knee muscles of the middle part of the whole.

5. To below the knee as a starting point, with four fingers alternating front leg massage. Push with the thumb while calves.

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