Food Pyramid specifically burn body fat

Hey! Obviously hungry to shake hands, see stars, but detected by measuring lipid found that body fat weight, not less, but rather to maintain the body's normal metabolic function of the water and become less lean muscle tissue. Do not doubt, you pick what food is the deciding factor. The secret of how to pick is, if you know how to use the food pyramid, more with less.

First of all, to understand the food pyramid, food can be taken the right first step, the points system in accordance with the Department of Health, the food pyramid from bottom to top, divided into four layers, sequence is the first layer of the cereals, the second layer, layer 3 is milk and protein, 4 layer is oils, but more people to lose weight at the top of the food pyramid, eat less.

Lose weight can use grain rice or oatmeal or brown rice instead of white rice or flour generally eat products, fruits and some control in the two copies of at least 3 servings or more vegetables, fruits and vegetables as the main provider of vitamins, minerals and fiber, constipation can be improved , is very helpful for weight loss. Proteins include dairy products, can prevent osteoporosis bones, meat, fish, beans, eggs, can provide high quality protein and B group and minerals.

Class control in 2 tablespoons oil, can help to lose weight, fat-soluble vitamin absorption, to maintain normal physiological function, were less likely to dermatitis, but also reduce the rate of gastric emptying may be extended hunger. Therefore, when weight loss diet is not hard to eat, as long as a reasonable amount in accordance with the Food Pyramid and eat a balanced diet can also be achieved to the nutrient intake, weight loss to enjoy a pleasant effect.

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