Fat Burn Exercise: stovepipe skinny waist skinny arms

Byebye to get rid of your flesh, belly meat, elephant legs? Then do the following reduced fat exercise it! Butterfly Arm

Butterfly arm, also known as "byebye meat", because women upper arm muscle relaxation, a show of hands when people say goodbye, it looks like drooping arm muscles "butterfly wings", thus had a "butterfly arm" of the name.


Bent arm flexion-extension

Exercises with the dumbbell in the gym, at home, mineral water bottles filled with water can be used instead of dumbbells. Hold on a chair leaning over the other holding a dumbbell, arm does not move, arm straight back, then out into the forward side of the arm and was about 60 degrees. Strength :12-18 / group, so the three groups.

Tips: Take the lightest dumbbell you can eliminate the fat and muscle strength training exercises different, the key is light weight, more times; training once a day is enough for a month, up to tighten the arm muscles.

Belly meat

Office workers often sit in front of the computer is, less active, usually they are often in cars, plus sitting itself is easy to stomach slow metabolism, fat pile of natural go out into the stomach, women over 25 years the phenomenon of a very long pot common. Solution:

1, supine Taijian

Supine on a mat or bed, legs close together, knees, hands light up in the back of the head, lift your shoulders when you breath, inspiratory reduction.

Strength: 30 / group, once a day, but can not remember strenuous exercise 1-2 hours before bedtime to avoid over-excitement affect sleep.

Hint: the middle of the back can not leave the ground, just like the force to lift the shoulders, this is just to stimulate the muscles in the abdomen.

2, supine leg lift

Supine on a mat or bed, relying on the strength of the lower abdomen, tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly lift both legs about 30 degrees to the position, normal breathing for 20 seconds, continue to raise the legs, about to leave the ground 60 degrees, for about 20 seconds.

Strength: 10 / group, a group of left and right, once a day.

Tips: This action seems simple, it in fact more difficult to do, you need to have sufficient strength of abdominal muscles. Began training the first few days there will be a feeling of abdominal pain, it is because the reasons for accumulation of lactic acid, but insisted a week later, this feeling will disappear.

Bucket waist

Sedentary addition to a long pot, even the two side of the waist will startle the flesh, the two thicker piece of meat not only to the waist, the hips will also look flat. Either way, the bucket will kill the female waist and feminine.


Standing continuous side of the waist

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, fingers, unilateral arms outside the knees touch as much as possible, If you take a dumbbell exercises, the better. Maintain the hip does not move, continuing to the side of the body bending.

Strength :15-20 / group, a group of left and right. Once a day.

Tip: This action lies in the hip can not move, otherwise we would not achieve the role of muscle stretch side waist. Do this action to focus attention, ideas to focus on this area on the side of the waist, carefully feel the body's response, the only way to achieve good training results.

Elephant legs

Buttocks and elephant legs often "twins" because hip fat or even shifted to the thigh, making thicker thighs. So, can reduce fat hips and thighs at the same time, here are two classic stovepipe plastic hip action.


1, leg lift after

Hand on the wall, standing posture, unilateral lift back legs, hips and thighs feel tight can be. This action can improve the hip line, tighten the thigh muscle.

Strength: 20 / group, so the three groups.

2, lunges

Hold dumbbell in each hand, one leg one more step into the lunge. Vertical squat, stand up. Switch legs and repeat.

Strength: 10 / group, so the three groups.

Tip: Do not step forward too much, about one meter; vertical squat, the front legs leg perpendicular to the ground, the knee should not exceed toes, force should be in the hip area.
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