how does vinegar help you lose weight

Vinegar to lose weight:

Very effective, one month can be reduced approximately 6 kg. Amino acids contained in vinegar, not only consume the body fat, and make sugar, protein and other metabolic smoothly. According to studies, obesity and a daily consumption of 15 ml of a 2O ml of vinegar, in a month can reduce the weight of 3 kg or so.

12-day minus 12% of the way the body

Do not need to exercise, many foreigners say with a very good, and this is the United States, the world's fitness center is strongly recommended to the President wants urgent good way to lose weight.

Methods: A total of 12 days:

The first 3 days: a day of fruits and vegetables as food in the morning to eat fruits, vegetables and fruits at noon you can eat in the evening to eat vegetables (not the oil and salt oh), weight limitation

4-6 days: eat milk and yogurt (do not buy inside of preservatives, not only does not help weight loss will increase Xiao Dudu), you can eat, amount of open last 6 days, mixed vegetables, fruit and milk and yogurt eating, weight limitation.

Honey Water Act:

Hungry every day to drink honey (small amount) against the white vinegar Duishui can also be appropriate to eat a small amount of fruit, three days can lean 10 kilos.

Honey + vinegar:

Effective weight loss method of beauty in their daily diet without changing the law to consume a 1:4 ratio. Specific ways: 1 Breakfast specific ways: 1 empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast drink; 2, immediately after lunch and dinner drink. It is worth noting is selected when the selection of white vinegar through the rice, sorghum, soybeans and other processed, and try to avoid products containing the chemical. Also recommended not to use vinegar because the vinegar is vinegar, compared with less weight on these. Meanwhile, the proportion of honey and white vinegar can be adjusted according to individual needs, if you can pay more attention to beauty appropriate increase the proportion of honey

Milk Method:

Lose weight, I have fought a protracted war, and in addition to Chijianfeiyao products, be most effective in the milk that was. Bag of milk every morning, is the kind of catty installed Yo, noon yourself to some vegetables and small amounts of meat at night again packs a pound bag of milk for a month, the effect is really very good to have reduced 10 kilograms. And gastrointestinal smooth milk, helps digestion, the most important is to lose weight but also allows us to change the water of the skin ~ ~ ~ ~

Eat more lean 16 coup

So much delicious food, let us begin our pleasure to easily lose weight food bar.
Here are some weight loss recipes Xiaobian 16 coup but carefully selected, many ways still the stars tried yo!

1. Apple meal
Just continuing on the 3rd of Apple diet. Others can drink water and tea. 3 night, drink 1-2 tablespoons olive oil.

2. Carrot diet
Persist for a week eating pineapple. Using water to supplement the other.

3. Boiled egg diet
Day 8 ~ 9 eating boiled eggs for 2 weeks. Do not eat rice and other staple food, can vegetables, grapes, remove the meat with oil to eat.

4. Adzuki bean diet
The bean fried, ground into powder, add 2 tablespoons of powdered milk, drink 2 cups before eating.

5. Yogurt diet
One day only eat 1 to 2 ton yogurt, other times by normal eating.

6. Soybean meal diet cocoa
Soybean flour and cocoa powder mixed with soy milk, eat in the morning and evening before meals. One-third of the usual food intake. Can also be coupled with malt and honey.

7. Powdered milk diet
1-2 times a day eating only powdered milk, persist 3 to 7 days.

8. Mineral water diet
Prandial drinking 3 to 4 cups of mineral water. Meals can also be drinking, just to be careful not to drink too much.

Nine. Red wine diet
Dinner drink small amounts of red wine, slow food, about 20 minutes to keep about half the normal amount of food.

10. Black rice diet
Staple food from rice, bread to rice, and reduce the intake of snacks. Brown rice is rich in vitamins B1 and E, and dietary fiber.

11. Tea diet
Diuretic tea and tea drinking can be added with the water daily. Varieties of Oolong tea, green tea, brown rice tea, Eucommia Tea and so on.

12. Early food diet
French medical scientists found that eating before hunger is an effective way to lose weight. Insulin can regulate the body's absorption of carbohydrates, while its food conversion and fat accumulation also play a role. If the people in hunger to eat something before, and often can control insulin secretion.

13. Sub-food diet
German nutritionists have developed a sub-food diet, this diet is required in the diet can not eat certain foods while eating. For example, people eat high protein, high fat meat dish, you can eat some vegetables, but can not drink beer or eat rice, bread, potatoes and other carbohydrate foods. Original, body fat is a combination of a variety of nutrients, the body in the consumption of high protein foods, do not eat carbohydrates, the body will not increase the fat.

14. To lean more vinegar
In recent years, the rise of an American hot vinegar to lose weight, experts believe that the amino acids contained in vinegar, not only consume the body fat, but also to sugar, protein and other metabolic smoothly, to receive a good weight loss.

15. After dinner tea diet
Rice, tea, soup, food pairing better, eat no fat, healthy, add some free time to better exercise effect. Can stewed beef brisket soup lemon, plum soup, lime soup, lily fungus soup, sour curry soup, Sour Bamboo Shoots soup or pickles soup, soup diet is effective, but also of fat and Xing Wei. Rice with pickled ginger rice, black glutinous rice can be. Rice and vegetables of the combination of meat fat and less weight, preferably after each meal is most important for a cup of Tie Guan Yin, the method and practical and effective weight loss, but required a longer time.

16. Simple fruit salad
Eat eat fruit to lose weight, but not all of the fruit can be thin, such as sugar cane to eat with more still fat. How do? You can try lemon juice mixed with apple ah!

Apple; honey; amount of lemon juice; 20 grams, Qiu; 50 grams

1. Apple, peeled Qiu, nuclear, washed, cut into small pieces, put plate.
2. Adding honey in a bowl with lemon juice, and water lemon honey.
3. The lemon honey Linru Apple, Qiu block, mix well and serve.

Want to maintain proper posture, to rely on the correct diet and moderate exercise. In this special friends introduce to seven days 3 to 5 kg weight loss methods, interested friends may wish to try.

1. All liquid diet

This recipe is simple, to eat food only water. Skim milk or light chicken stock (to remove the chicken skin) without seasoning, not limited. This method can clear the stomach. Enhance physical fitness. Time is limited to a week.

2. Apple, grapefruit, skim milk diet

Unlimited take skim milk per day, plus apples and grapefruit, but no fat diet is not good on the skin. This method is time not too long.

3. Sugar-free diet

You can eat food: meat are cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, pigeons, turkeys, whether too fat can be. All kinds of eggs, fish and shrimp can be (shells, snails can not). Milk and cream, cheese, butter and other oils (except milk). Beverages: water is not limited, all kinds of soup. Tea, sugar-free soft drinks. Lemon juice (except orange juice) without sugar and coffee. Fruits and vegetables: bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, cabbage, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach. Seasoning: In addition to sugar than can be.

You can not eat food: Van Gogh sugar or starchy foods are unfit for human consumption.

The above recipes are not limited, hungry or to eat no sugar because the body, we must burn fat. The first two days is not very clear, after significant weight loss, remember is not to deceive themselves, or they will come to naught.

This method is most suitable for elimination of the waist, abdominal fat. But after all, is not the ideal diet balanced and healthy way, I hope you will be able to practice according to their experience of flexible use.

21 days by 15 kg weight loss hell

Here is the Forum User's personal weight loss experience, to thin the JM may wish to refer to is called a try ~ but since hell diet, believe that the real implementation was still takes a lot of determination and endurance ~ Haha, the following will be the Xiaobian Methods dedicated to everyone, high specific practices are as follows:

The first phase of 3 days:

Fresh off completely, only water. (Prerequisite: physical normal day, not less than 2500 ml water)

The second phase of 8 days:

Early, middle and late release of all for a small pinch of salt in boiled vegetables (tofu, potato starch, except to eat 8 percent full, drink plenty of water), morning and afternoon, a small fruit.

The third phase of 10 days:

Normal diet. (But half full, that is, eat on the line, but also to eliminate snacks, dinner, preferably in the afternoon between 5 ~ 6, after not eat any food.)

3 days before I cut the 6j, the first three days is not particularly tough.

I had a very relaxing first day of nothing to eat, drink 8 cups of green tea (mm can according to their preferences, rose, chrysanthemum, green tea, cassia, tea, etc., are good diet tea Oh ~ ~) little reaction the next morning, the afternoon see the roommate's gnawing chicken really relish a bit much, but still hold on, and as usual, drank 8 cups of green tea. On the third day the body was obviously feeling empty, I bedroom on the sixth floor, obviously that can not walk, so I chose to sleep, as usual, drank eight glasses of water. Night, they ate seeds roommate eating crisps, 555 555 ... ... I said to myself the last day, we must hang! ... ... Hee hee, 3 days went by! A little happiness, but lost 6j, that was quite worth it ~ ~

8-day by the middle of the 8j, the fourth day of fact I waited a long time, since 3 days without eating, and then I saw Apple as if the desert is so excited to find the source of life. That day I ate three apples, early, middle, and one each night (at 5:00 at night to eat, eat before going to bed to ensure that any dd, 2 hours before going to bed without drinking water ~ ~) a day went by the Apple menu ~ ~ very satisfied! Fifth, the sixth day and the fourth day I ate the apple menu ~ ~ seventh, eight, 93 days, eating for three days and cucumber, plus a tomato a day (add vc). Tenth, eleventh day of the morning to eat a tomato, two at noon at the eating cucumber. The middle eight days on this end.

Need to add that the first 11 days, each day I eat a Amway vc, the first 5 days ~ ~ the first 11 days of daily cup of skim milk before bed, before going to bed eat a powder, to prevent constipation. In the 11-day period I had to give up the idea, can see the beautiful clothes each time, thought, and her boyfriend every time out, saw the storm build a good mm, boyfriend, his eyes showed the vision of the kind of praise Mu ... ... all have the power!

After 10 days I lost 5j, eight days after the live very smooth and easy, no special diet needs attention, and I eat three meals a day on time, appetite was 6 percent full, 5 hours before bedtime does not enter any food. During the course, or to drink 8 glasses of water a day, every day before going to bed an aloe powder!

Because I am a strict implementation of methods to lose weight for 21 days without any cheating, so my weight from 21 days before the 108-88, Oh, so happy! Now in great shape, no Xiaodu Zi, looks well-proportioned body, face, rr are gone! On the movement of this period I have not had! Envy, right? Do not hesitate, after 21 days, the beautiful belong to you!

Note: These are just the user's personal experience, to use this method to lose weight and sisters, must be to stop, do not hurt the health of Oh.


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